Conference: Addictions: Are we all equal?

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On May 4, 2019, a conference-debate was held in Casablanca under the theme “Addictions, are we all equal?”.  This conference was organized as part of a partnership between the Moroccan Association for the Development of Scientific Research (MADSR) and the Higher School of Psychology. Several speakers honored us with their presence: Professor Belhaj Abdelkrim, Professor Tazi Abdelouahhab, Professor Khoubila Adil, Dr Lakehayli Sara, Dr Farhate Rachid, and Dr Msefer Ibrahim.

The conference aimed to discuss the different approaches to addictive disorders. Participants included renowned specialists and academics in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.

During two sessions, the speakers’ contributions provided a better understanding of the neurobiological and sociological bases of addictive behaviors as well as the steps involved in the proper management of drug addicts. During the last session, virtual reality therapy was under the spotlight.

Finally, a general discussion and questions of understanding and comments were raised by the participants following the various presentations.

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